What’s new at Dealers Ingredients?

Dealers Ingredients is proud to announce the recent launch of Natralein brand available in both Pea Protein and Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein isolate.

Natralien Pea and Brown Rice Protein isolates are especially selected for their fine powdery texture, soft colur and mild flavour. Both Natralein Pea and Brown Rice Protein can be used in a wide variety of food applications.

Key Benefits include:

  • High Nutritional Value:
    • Protein isolate >80% protein
  • Clean Label:
    • Natralien Pea Protein can be labeled as pea protein
    • Natralien Brown Rice Protein can be labeled as rice protein
  • Gluten-Free, GMO Free, Kosher and Halal certified
  • Blends well in most wet and dry mixes
  • Proven Nutritional Protein Value:
    • PDCAAS and PER scores are available
  • Technology support for application work available
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