Key Trends in Proteins Over the Past Decade

You have probably read in many publications about the popularity and growth of proteins and more specifically, plant-based proteins. However, you may feel you still do not know enough about this growing trend to capitalize on this opportunity with products developed by your company.

Below, is a summary on the protein and plant-based protein trends among consumers showing just how much the demand has grown.

  • The percentage of consumers seeking out foods that are high in protein has grown significantly to 53%1. This is a significant jump from 39% back in 2006.
  • One of the key reasons for the increased drive to search out foods high in protein is that 21% of consumers consider themselves deficient in protein.1
  • Non-animal sources of protein are gaining in popularity as 39% of consumers are now using plant-based proteins versus whey protein at 21%. 1
  • The percentage of consumers checking for protein most often on food/beverage product label has grown to 27% from low of 19% back in 2006. 1
  • The types of consumers most likely to be checking labels for protein are the “Well Beings®” (with 40% checking for protein most often on the product label) followed by “Fence Sitter®” (with 29% checking protein) and “Food Actives®” (at 28% checking for protein).2
  • Specific consumer groups represent ideal target opportunities for protein. For example, both “Well Beings®” and “Fence Sitters®” are high protein seekers (ie. Percentage seeking out foods that are high in protein at: 74% and 62%) as well as Millennials (61%) and Households with children (60%).1
  • With whey protein migrating from niche (ie. sports nutrition) to mainstream (ie. infant nutrition and healthy aging) 1, it is anticipated that plant-based proteins will follow the same trends.

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1Source: Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) Health & Wellness Trends Database® (HWTD)

2Well Beings® Most health proactive and the most green. Healthy eating already a priority; Fence Sitters® ‘Wannabe’ healthy and eco-minded. Health strivers; Food Actives® Mainstream Healthy and eco-minded. Self-directed health. Source: Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) Health & Wellness Trends Database® (HWTD).

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