2018 Flavour Trends in Sausages

To consumers, sausages are especially appealing because of their flavourful, indulgent and high protein qualities. As many consumers are concerned about their health, they are also looking for leaner yet still indulgent sausage options.

As protein is a trend that continues to evolve within the meat and more importantly sausage category, it is important for meat manufacturers to find new ways of addressing consumers’ needs for healthy yet flavourful choices.

One of the Biggest 2018 Meat Trends: Sausages

The good news is that sausages were identified as one of the three biggest trends for retailers at the 2018 Annual Meat Conference held at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Centre. Bold flavours such as andouille, spicy chorizo and bratwurst continue to be strong category leaders, while new flavours such as beer and cheddar combinations are becoming popular. For example, Mighty Spark Food Co. launched a bratwurst made with bacon, cheddar cheese and beer and Johnsonville displayed a new cheddar and beer bratwurst flavoured sausage called Tailgate at the show.1

A quick search online revealed several specialty Canadian manufacturers and grocery retailers are offering a wide assortment of flavoured sausages including cheese flavoured combinations. For example, Farm Boy offers as many as 16 different flavoured sausage varieties including various cheese flavoured combinations such as bacon & cheddar, hot chillies & pepper jack and cheddar & jalapeno. Seed to Sausage, a meat producer specializing in local, hand-crafted meats, offers a jalapeno cheese curd sausage.  Sobeys offers a bacon and cheese flavoured sausage under its Compliments brand.

On-trend Flavour Solutions

Did you know that there are solutions that can help address the issue of fat reduction while enhancing the cheese and even the meat flavours in sausages? Butter Buds, a functional dairy concentrate, can be used to boost cheese and meat flavours, mask off-notes and round off the harshness of spices in sausages and meats without adding fat. As Butter Buds has a variety of cheese flavours available including both dairy and non-dairy options as well as specialty flavours such as dried beer extract and bacon, it is an ideal solution for creating healthy, flavourful sausage options. A variety of ready-to-go Butter Buds flavoured sausage recipes including bratwurst, chorizo and andouille from Dealers Ingredients are also available to help when creating new and reformulated products.

Interested in learning more? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com to receive an up-to-date list of Butter Buds flavours available, samples and sausage recipes.

1Source: Retrieved from http://www.supermarketnews.com/print/96231

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