Quality of Beef Still Matters for Today’s Consumer

The demand for beef continues to remain strong! Despite a growing focus on alternative proteins such as plant-based, “by 2022, alternative proteins are still projected to make up only 2% of the total growth on a tonnage basis within the North America protein market, while meat constitutes the rest”1

Beef’s Value Proposition

So, what exactly is beef’s most important value proposition?  For the consumer “beef just has to taste good.”2. To be more specific, the quality and taste is a combination of “flavor, tenderness, texture, appearance and juiciness.”Although, this may seem rather obvious it is much more complicated for beef manufacturers. Until a consumer tastes the beef, they cannot determine if their beef purchase will live up to their expectations. For beef manufacturers, this often means they have just one chance to make a good impression with the consumer.

The Prefect Solution for Lower Quality and Lower Fat Beef

Even if meat manufacturers continue to focus on providing branded, high quality beef, the challenges associated with lower quality and lower fat beef options still exist. Consumers who have chosen low fat or cheaper cuts of meat for health or economic reasons now have so many more choices especially from the continuously growing alternative meat category. This puts even greater pressure on the meat industry to ensure that the consumer has a great meat eating experience regardless of the quality of beef chosen. Results from a five-study analysis conducted by the Colorado State University showed there were notable differences in the mean sensory rating of the beef and buttery flavours between premium versus lower quality meats by consumers2.

One-way manufacturers can reduce the risk of not meeting consumer’s expectations in terms of the taste of beef is by adding a broth or marinade that incorporates Butter Buds, a functional dairy concentrate flavour available in Canada from Dealers Ingredients.  Unlike traditional flavours, Butter Buds is proven to add rich, fatty flavour notes and enhance the meaty flavours while masking any off-notes. Consumers can enjoy the taste of lean, lower quality meat without the worry of added fats. Also, depending upon the flavour meat profile that manufacturers are looking for, Butter Buds has a wide selection of dairy and non-dairy flavours including specialty flavours such as dried beer extract, olive oil as well as a variety of non-dairy butter flavours.

Interested in learning more about Butter Buds or would like to receive a sample or recipe? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or 905 4587766 or info@dealersingredients.com.

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