Hydrosol – Complete Stabilizing and Texturing Systems for Vegan Dairy, Meat & Fish Products

With the shift away from the consumption of animal-based products, alternative dairy and meat products are increasingly becoming part of consumer’s weekly diets. The good news for food manufacturers is that this shift within the marketplace is resulting in the emergence of many new product growth opportunities targeted to vegan, vegetarian and non-meat eaters alike.

The Solution: Hydrosol

Hydrosol, the trusted provider of customized synergistic stabilizing and texturing systems worldwide for 25 years and a subsidiary of the award-winning Stern-Wywiol Group from Germany, has the expertise to resolve complex vegan product development challenges.  Whether your project focuses on the creation of new products, product improvements, cost reduction or completing the perfect product match, Hydrosol has the resources to meet your needs. Hydrosol brings together the complexity of texture, stability, nutritional, recipe development, ingredient interaction and equipment component knowledge to create the optimal functional product solution.

Benefits of Hydrosol:

  • Taste, Texture & Stability
    • Meaty texture and juicy structure regardless of whether the product is hot, cold or fresh
    • Stable emulsion for cheese-type spreads
    • Variety of product bases and textures
  • Cost Effective Recipe Solutions
    • Market-ready vegan recipe solutions for a wide variety of product categories
    • Market savvy regarding the pricing of value-added commodities
  • Improved Nutritional Profiles:
    • Lower fat content versus conventional products
      • Less saturated fats
      • No trans-fats
    • No cholesterol
    • 100% vegan
    • Clean label
  • Better alignment with label claims
    • Nutrition facts table and ingredient list available with most recipes
  • Complete Product Development Solution Provider
    • Recipe Development
    • Extensive expertise with raw material interactions and access to 900 ingredients
    • Pilot plant-trial facilities
    • On-site technology consultation available
    • Equipment knowledge
  • Customized synergistic stabilizing and texturing combinations including free recipe product development solutions
    • Based on a wide range of hydrocolloids, proteins, gums, salts, starches and emulsifier components

To review a small sample of the types of vegan product development projects completed by Hydrosol, please check out the six recipes posted under the month of August 2018 on the Dealers Ingredients website. Interested in learning more about how Hydrosol can assist you with any upcoming vegan or conventional meat, dairy or fish product development projects? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or info@dealersingredients or 905 458 7766.

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