How to Create Great Tasting Meat Alternative Products Quickly & Easily

The growing percentage of Canadian consumers claiming to be flexitarian has led to an overwhelming rise in consumer interest in meat alternatives. One market segment reaping the benefits of reacting quickly by offering meat alternative options is the food service industry. The best example illustrating the enormous pent-up Canadian consumer demand for great tasting meat alternatives was when last summer A&W’s Beyond Meat Burger was first introduced to the market. Not only did it sell out within several weeks of being introduced at all 850 outlets across Canada but in Vancouver it occurred within just a few hours. With chefs across the country having reported that plant-centric eating continued to be a top food trend in 2018, consuming meat alternatives can no longer be considered sitting on the edge of society.

Why are There are so Few Canadian Companies Producing Meat Alternatives?

Unlike the non-dairy market and despite growing consumer demand for meat alternatives, there are very few companies actually manufacturing their own products in Canada. Whether this is due to the fact that it can be a challenge to replicate the taste and texture consistent with traditional meat products or the lack of knowledge, Dealers Ingredients has the perfect solution for product developers and food manufacturers alike looking to quickly and easily enter the market with their own products.

Solution for Creating Meat Alternatives

Hydrosol and their exclusive Canadian partnership with Dealers Ingredients, have developed new stabilizing and texturizing systems and processes that enable food manufacturers to replicate the taste and texture of meat with meat alternatives. More than just a supplier of ingredients, Hydrosol along with Dealers Ingredients can provide the knowledge, expertise and experience required to enable manufacturers looking to create a wide variety of plant-based protein products.  The range of meat alternative solutions available include vegan nuggets, vegan hot dogs, vegan bratwurst and vegan burgers.

Tips for Creating an Alternative Meat Burger

The vegan Hydrosol burger’s meat-like texture is achieved with the aid of a special cost competitive stabilizer system called HydroTOP High Gel. By using HydroTOP High Gel, a formable, slightly sticky meat analogue can be created which is comparable to ground meat used in conventional burger patties and meatballs. Products made with the Hydrosol vegan stabilizer HydroTOP system were found to have a juicier, firmer and chewier bite than those made with traditional ingredient solutions. The Hydrosol meat alternative system can also be designed using customized seasoning blends to create a unique taste profile. The competitive system is designed to run continuously on a conventional meat processing line or if required, help can be provided in the selection of manufacturing equipment.

Interested in receiving more information on how to quickly create meat alternatives; vegan sausage, vegan burger patties, vegan nuggets, vegan hot dog recipes or finished product samples to taste? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or call 905 458 7766 or

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