The Functional Benefits of Using Natralein Pea Protein in Salad Dressings, Dips and Spreads

Growing Demand for Plant-based Proteins in Prepared Foods

With the introduction of the new Canada Food Guide and its shift away from dairy and meat, consumers are looking for more ways to incorporate plant-based proteins into their diets. Misconceptions and myths surrounding the idea that plant-based proteins are not as nutritious as animal protein are quickly disappearing. For example, pea protein, which contains protein and iron, is not only nutritious but functionally beneficial in food products. In fact, the addition of pea protein in prepared foods is helping to create a cleaner looking label for consumers.

The Functional Properties in Food Applications

When pea protein is added to food applications, it is important to keep in mind the two main functional properties, specifically, hydration and texturization. Hydration properties cover a variety of interactive food ingredient product development areas. For example, when a protein is added to the liquid portion of food, hydration plays a role in the following activities: water absorbency, water retention, adhesion (binding), cohesion, dispersion, solubility and emulsification. Texturization refers to the impact on the sensory profile such as taste and mouthfeel. After a protein is added to a recipe, depending upon the application, type and even the brand of protein selected, it is possible for manufacturers to realize nutritional as well as functional benefits. For example, adding Natralein pea protein with known hydration properties such as emulsification and adhesion can also assist in the elimination of less desirable ingredients in products and on product labels.

Functional Properties of Natralein Pea Protein in Salad Dressings, Dips and Spreads

Dealers Ingredients has used the functional properties of Natralein Pea Protein to create three different salad dressing recipe concepts; Caesar, Ranch and Blue. Natralein Pea Protein’s proven functional ability to bind fat and water enables the creation of a stable emulsion and the elimination of traditional and less desirable emulsifier ingredients such as lecithin, mono and diglycerides. The addition of Natralein Pea Protein also results in a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, a simplified ingredient declaration and an improvement in the protein level in salad dressings. Furthermore, the addition of Butter Buds can be used to create the three different cheese flavours found in the salad dressings even without the presence of actual cheese.

Award-winning Supplier of Natralein Pea Protein

Dealers Ingredients, winner of Business Insights Ingredient Supplier of the year 2018 – Canada award, is the exclusive supplier of Natralein pea and brown rice proteins. As the manufacturer of Profi, the award-winning complete high protein plant-based composite (HPPC) and exclusive Canadian distributor for Butter Buds, Dealers Ingredients has the expertise, knowledge and experience to help food manufacturers create functional plant-based protein foods for today’s consumers. Whether manufacturers are interested in creating a wide variety of plant-based concepts including bakery, prepared foods, nutritional bars and beverages, healthier options for meat, dairy including meat and dairy alternative based foods and salad dressings, dips and spreads, Dealers Ingredients has an extensive library of market ready recipes to help.

Interested in receiving more information on the functional properties of plant-based Natralein pea and brown rice proteins, Butter Buds, Profi Pro, Profi Bake; product development assistance in the development of concepts; samples or recipes such as salad dressings? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or call 905 458 7766 or

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