Vegan Cheese Outpaces Traditional Cheese Growth

Vegan cheese sales are taking off in a big way! Over an eight-year period (2016-2024), vegan cheese is projected to grow globally at an annual compounded rate 7 times faster versus the traditional Canadian cheese market’s current growth rate (2014-2017)1&2.  With the dairy cheese market starting to head in a similar direction as the dairy milk market where a portion of sales has now been cannibalized by vegan beverages, traditional cheese manufacturers should not wait to enter the vegan cheese market. 2,3&4 With top product claims for traditional cheeses such as low, no, or reduced allergen, fat and lactose-free, it is not surprising that there has been such a positive response by consumers towards vegan cheese. Most vegan cheeses are known to be able to make many if not all of the above claims including gluten and cholesterol free which although highly valued by consumers are often missing from traditional cheese products.

What Are the Most Important Characteristics in Vegan Cheese?

Cheese is known to be one of the most difficult items for omnivores turned vegans to give up. Although, replicating the exact taste and texture of traditional cheese is still a challenge, today it is possible to achieve a very good tasting vegan cheese. In particular, it is possible to create a vegan cheese that both vegans and regular consumers would enjoy eating as well. Just as there are a wide variety of unique flavours and texturized traditional cheeses available on the market, there is room for a variety of good-tasting vegan cheese products as well. One way manufacturers can leverage the good taste of vegan cheese is to avoid using classic dairy names and instead focus on using specialized, unique names, similar to the growing artisan dairy cheese trend.  As consumers continue to look for added functional benefits in the foods they consume and depending upon what ingredients are being used, vegan cheese products containing vitamins, minerals, and omega-3’s fatty acids will be highly valued.

Solutions for Creating Dairy Alternative Cheese

Planteneers, in an exclusive Canadian partnership with Dealers Ingredients, has developed new stabilizing, texturizing systems and processes that enable food manufacturers to replicate the taste and most importantly the texture of vegan cheese in a variety of formats. Whether manufacturers are looking to create vegan cheese in a single sliced format ideal for adding to sandwiches and hamburgers or in a spreadable vegan cream cheese formulation perfect for bakery and snack applications, a variety of vegan cheese product concepts are available. To enhance the taste and texture of vegan cheese, Planteneers texturizing technology has now been combined, for the first time, with the incredible taste-enhancing properties of Butter Buds functional flavour ingredients. These vegan cheese products have the same physical properties as real cheese and can be sliced, shredded, melted, and stretched, providing a variety of options for food manufacturers.

Interested in learning more on how to quickly create a cheese alternative option, formulation development assistance, recipes, finished samples or receiving input on manufacturing processes? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or call 905 458 7766 or

1Annual projected compounded global growth rate for vegan cheese is 7.6% between 2016 to 2024 versus less than 1% annually for Canadian dairy-based cheese between 2014 to 2017



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