Our Success Lies in the Success of Our Customers

Dealers Ingredients has been supporting the Canadian food industry for over four decades with a relentless focus on customer service.  This service comes in many forms, including our ability to adapt our product line to the needs of our customers.  Dealers Ingredients also provides amazing support when it comes to product development.  Lastly, we are quick to go out and source ingredients for customers that we might not even carry, often passing on sales to other suppliers for the benefit of the customer. This dedication to our customers has resulted in long-lasting mutually beneficial partnerships.

Dealers Ingredients began as Dealers Dairy, selling US dairy products into Canada.  Many of our customers have been with us for multiple decades, and as consumer trends changed, Dealers continued to find new ways to help our manufacturing partners.  Canadian food manufacturers were regularly asking for lower cost, healthier products, and ingredients that were easier to use than diary.  As a result, Dealers Ingredients brought Butter Buds to Canada.  Butter Buds is a Wisconsin-based company that creates concentrated dairy ingredients and flavours.  These ingredients deliver rich dairy flavour at a lower cost per use and since they are shelf stable and have long shelf lives, reduce inventory costs.  As the market continued to evolve, Butter Buds created some amazing butter, milk, cream, and cheese flavours that are considered non-dairy and can be used in a host of plant-based products.  This is just one example of how Dealers Ingredients has supported their customers through adapting their product offering to match the relevant consumer trends.

Along with modifying their product line to better support Canadian food manufacturers, Dealers Ingredients has an experienced research and development team, especially when it comes to plant based dairy and meat alternatives.  Along with in-house experts, Dealers Ingredients is the exclusive Canadian partner of Planteneers.  Planteneers is part of the multi-billion-dollar Stern-Wywiol group.  With an R&D team of 80, Planteneers and Dealers Ingredients can offer support at any stage within the development cycle, from formulation, to plant trials, to regulatory, all the way through to manufacturing.  Together we can customize any taste or texture profile that our customers are aiming to achieve in their plant-based products.  Having access to thousands of ingredients and providing complete-end-to-end solutions is where Dealers Ingredients really sets itself apart in the plant-based food space and allows them to create winning solutions for our customers.

Dealers Ingredients truly believes that the more successful our customers are, the more successful we are.  This is true even when Dealers does not supply a product that a customer is looking for.  Always willing to tap into their global network, we have helped countless customers find products that we do not carry within our portfolio.  We are more than happy to connect customers to other ingredient suppliers if we feel that it is in the best interest of our customer.  This mentality truly exemplifies Dealers Ingredients commitment to our partners and their dedication to industry leading customer service.

Longevity is a good measure of success and we are very proud of our history.  Going strong into our fifth decade of business is a testament to our efforts in supporting our customers and in developing long-term relationships.  We are committed to our customers, and to continually bringing all Canadian food manufacturers innovative, health conscious, and low-cost ingredients solutions, all built on our foundation of customer service.

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