Start with Texture – Market-Ready Meat Alternative Solutions

Making meat alternative products that people want to eat is hard. Fortunately, Planteneers has ready-made solutions for the North American market that are delicious, meet Canadian regulatory requirements, and are cost-effective to produce. The reason – they focus on texture.

Planteneers has developed plant-based solutions for burgers, ground “meat”, “meat” balls, cold cuts, and hot dogs with a taste and texture even the most steadfast carnivore would love. Their unique blends of stabilizing and texturing systems provide the bite and springiness of top-quality conventional meat products. These products use a combination of proteins, starches, and seasoning blends that all come together to create a clean-label, economical, solution for manufacturers of any size.

Dealers Ingredients, the exclusive distributor of Planteeners products in Canada, has brought their expertise on regulatory, plant-based proteins, and effective vegan flavours to round out the ultimate meat alternative product for the Canadian consumer. Working in partnership, the two companies have also developed a pre-mixed nutrient blend that ensures the final products meet all the necessary Canadian nutritional regulations.

Dealers Ingredients has a stock of application samples that are ready to try and the ingredient blends available for lab work and plant trials. If you have an interest in bringing a plant-based meat alternative product to market, Dealers Ingredients and Planteneers are ready to help with product development, regulatory, and production expertise and support.

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