A Full Library of Plant-Based Proteins

Dealers Ingredients has a wide variety of high-quality plant-based protein options for any application. With award-winning expertise, we can provide support in the selection, sourcing, and testing of any plant-based protein. We have an extensive selection of single source proteins, many of which are available in organic options. 

If you are looking for pea, brown rice, soy, hemp, or pumpkin seed proteins we have you covered.  All our high-quality single sourced proteins are rigorously tested for allergen, microbiology, heavy metals, and water activity.  We focus on sourcing products that have neutral colours, no off-notes, and are very soluble.  We ensure our proteins are certified Kosher and Halal and all PDCASS and PER values have been calculated to make it easier for developers to formulate. 

Along with the single source varieties Dealers Ingredients has developed a complete high protein, plant-based composited called Profi.  Profi is a great option for achieving a high protein claim and is 100% digestible.  This unique blend is available in traditional and organic, as well as a version called Profi Bake, specifically designed for bakery applications. If you require a plant-based protein for a new product or are looking for an aggressively priced second source for your supply chain, email info@dealersingredients.com to speak with our knowledgeable technical sales team.

Plant-Based proteins award winning expertise
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