Profi Crisps: All Inclusive Power snack with Plant-Based Proteins

Plant-based ingredients, specifically proteins, are one of the most popular trends in ingredients today.  At Dealers Ingredients, we have created a versatile plant-based blend in a crisp format – Profi Crisps. Profi Crisps can be used as part of a snack, bar, or as an inclusion in a variety of baked goods. By having all nine essential amino acids in the correct proportions, we can achieve high protein claims and a clean label declaration while at the same time having an indulgent experience. Profi Crisps are an exciting new ingredient that can respond to current trends in both the snack and baking industries.

Current leading innovations in snacking are focused on plant-forward and high protein products. Consumers are starting to really focus on what they are eating and looking for nutritious snack options with more fiber and protein.  This combination also provides long lasting energy and quenches hunger cravings.  However, in most product inclusions, the protein enhancer ingredients are often allergens such as almonds, peanuts, or soy crisps. Some bars add protein powders as a fillers or binders in the formulation but that can lead to a dry, chalky taste.

Dealers Ingredients’ Profi Crips are the perfect ingredient to provide bars with high protein and the crispy texture that consumers are looking for. With only a small amount of Profi Crips, one can obtain high protein claims and be certain of a clean label declaration.

The bakery industry is another sector that is increasing its use of inclusions to build in nutrition. Fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds along with bits, chips and chunks are all trending.  Bakers are also looking to these inclusions to add protein or fiber, while taking advantage of their natural color, flavour and texture – all contributing to the overall nutrition and a healthful halo. Profi Crisps can boost protein content in any baked good by using it as part of the inclusion mix and therefore attain the nutritional targets that bakeries strive to meet.

The two most important variables that are carefully taken into consideration in any kind of inclusions are moisture content and lipid oxidations. Profi Crisps have a very low moisture and fat content, around 4% and 10% respectively. These characteristics can contribute to a more stable product with a longer shelf life.

Profi Crisps are the perfect solution to provide an incredible protein boost to any snack or baked good.  With a very clean label declaration, Profi Crisps are characterized by their crispy texture, containing all essential amino acid, and being easy to work with.  If you are looking to create a bar, snack, or baked good with a clean label and high protein, Profi Crisps could be the solution you are looking for.

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