Butter Buds.Inc provides many of the world’s top food manufacturers, specialty food companies, and food service institutions with on-trend, better for you – concentrated dairy flavors and specialty flavor ingredients. They do this by perfecting the art and science of concentrated flavor technology. Butter Buds Inc. utilizes a proprietary enzyme-modification process to unlock the hidden flavors in dairy and other fats.

Flavors that are locked in dairy fat molecules are hundreds of times more intense than those released upon normal consumption. This process produces concentrated flavors that are up to 400 times more intense than the original dairy commodity and is responsible for the authentic butter, cream, and cheese flavor.

The resulting dairy concentrates provide rich flavours in powder or liquid forms that are much easier to use and have a longer shelf life than the original dairy commodity. Butter Buds concentrates also can help improve nutritionals by lowering fat, sodium, and cholesterol. In addition to all the technical benefits of Butter Buds, the products can also help reduce cost in recipes because their concentrated nature means a much lower cost in use compared to the original dairy commodity.


Here are the two Nutritional Fact Tables for the Butter Danish Cookie recipes shown above. Using a combination of Butter Buds 32x, shortening, and water to replace the use of butter, results in a product with lower fat, lower saturated fat, lower trans fat, lower cholesterol, and lower sodium.


Using the July permit price for butter, here are the cost calculations replacing Butter Buds 32x, shortening, and water for butter in the Danish Cookie Recipe. The cost in use for butter is $0.86, while the cost in use for Butter Buds 32x, shortening, and water is $0.42. A 51% cost saving, while improving nutritionals and taste, is the win-win-win scenario that results from using Butter Buds products.

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