Why be a Dealers Supplier Partner ?

  • We have been serving the food industry since 1976
  • We have national coverage with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
  • We are established in all sectors of the industry
  • We have well established relationships with industry decision makers
  • We have Canadian regulatory system expertise
  • We have well respected research and development expertise
  • Quality Warehousing
  • We are proven Marketing and Sales professionals
  • We are selective about our product mix
  • We are a Food Ingredient Company not a Chemical Company

Our approach

  • Understand Trends as they relate to your product
  • Develop applications specific to your product(s)
  • Develop Appropriate Value Proposition(s) for Your Product(s)
  • Define the market
  • Define segments within that market
  • Define sub-segments in the market
  • Define companies in sub-segments
  • Define the key players – by segment
  • Find the hot buttons of companies & key players
  • Define approaches by channel

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