18 Jan 2021

Will the plant-based food industry redesign the future of food in 2021?

    Plant-based proteins have experienced a spike in demand and can be forecasted to grow exponentially in the coming years. Consumers are exploring safer, hygienic, and healthier lifestyle alternatives. By 2024, the global plant-based meat market is forecasted to reach $24.11 billion, and some forecast that market reaching $85 billion by 2030. Food companies venturing out into plant-based pepperoni, plant-based sausage, vegan burgers, and vegan cheese will be tough competitors against the giants operating in the meat sector.

    The target customers for most of the plant-based food companies will be the quintessential vegetarians, who would like to try out meat substitutes, the flexitarians, vegans, and the ones who prefer organic, and gluten-free food products. For such consumers, plant-based protein isolates will help meet their nutritional goals and build muscle.

    Plant proteins like pea protein and whole grain brown rice protein are great alternatives for vegans, people with lactose intolerance, and those whose bodies do not digest milk protein well. Natralein Pea Protein Isolates are made from yellow peas are specially selected for its fine powdery texture, soft caramel colour, and mild flavour. These can be used in a wide variety of food applications and have a High Nutritional Value. The Protein isolate contains greater than 80% protein. Natralein also offers whole grain brown rice protein isolates. These plant-based proteins are gluten-free, GMO-free, kosher and halal certified.

    In terms of value and volume, the pea protein market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.8% and 12.0%, respectively, over a projected period between 2019 and 2026. Pea protein is witnessing incremental demand with the mounting number of consumers shifting to veganism. A whole-grain diet could be a wise choice as whole grains reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and provide more than just the fiber from the bran. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats, protein, antioxidants. Hence, the whole grain brown rice protein from Natralein will be a great product for consumers who wish to get the goodness of whole grains in their regular diet.

    The building blocks of these proteins are amino acids. PROFI has incorporated the 9 essential amino acids in its award-winning, high protein plant-based composite (HPPC) in proper proportions along with iron. PROFI® Pro. is convenient for adding plant protein to small or large serving sizes. Ideal in various applications including beverages, soups, protein bars, pasta, crackers, cereals and veggie burgers. PROFI® Bake. Recommended for adding plant protein and fiber to bakery applications.

    In recent years, the demand for vegan cheese has substantially increased on account of the growing number of lactose intolerance cases in developed economies like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The rising concerns towards animal-based products due to both social and ethical reasons are further boosting the demand for plant-based cheese. The global vegan cheese market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.91% over the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$4.578 billion by 2025, increasing from US$2.743 billion in 2019.

    Butter Buds is one such company that has a wide variety of non-dairy flavours catering to different food applications and industries. Butter Bud’s nondairy cheese (parmesan, cheddar) have a rick mouthfeel and melt like real cheese. They have a wide range of nondairy products under their umbrella ranging from nondairy buttermilk to nondairy sour cream and even nondairy condensed milk to name a few.

    Consumers are now expanding in new categories and are willing to try out revolutionary plant-based products. This has led to increased sales for many plant-based dairy alternatives including ice cream, butter, cheese, and yogurt. The product and ingredient innovation has encouraged chefs and home cooks by improving options within the plant-based foods helping them create plant-based versions of their favorite dishes and comfort foods.

    Dealers Ingredients Inc is passionate about sourcing the perfect, customized ingredients thus improving product performance, reducing the steps in the production process, and enhancing the taste and quality of the product. We take pride in enabling our customers to create innovative and value-added products using our expertise and knowledge.

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    13 Jan 2021

    Team Spotlight: Charles Harvey

      Title: President & CEO

      Charles has been a part of the Dealers Ingredients team for 11 years.

      What is the favourite part of your role?

      Being able to develop new products and finding new ingredients to help create more natural and healthy products in the market.

      What do you love to most about Dealers Ingredients?

      The people I work with are professional, reliable, likeable, and bring a great atmosphere to the company.

      What are you looking most forward to in 2021 for Dealers?

      We have created two new retail products in 2020 and I look forward to launching them. We also have begun work on two more products and several specialty ingredients that we expect to bring to market during our third quarter this year. We expect our plant-based food alternative business to continue to grow throughout 2021.

      What is your top aspiration goal for 2021 personally?

      I would like to turn over more responsibility to my team members and focus more on Product Development and Business Development almost exclusively.

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      08 Apr 2019

      Rise of the Gluten-Free Trend

        Gluten free is no longer considered a niche market due to rising consumer interest. Traditionally, the main category drivers have been consumers who have celiac disease and those who may be gluten intolerant; however, consumers pursuing a health and wellness lifestyle and a belief that gluten-free products are healthier are causing a shift within the marketplace.

        According to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2018 Food and Health Survey, one-third of consumers not only indicated they were following a specific eating pattern but gluten-free was listed as one of the top three eating patterns. In fact, gluten-free was ranked ahead of other popular eating patterns such as vegetarian, vegan and high protein.1 Manufacturers interested in capitalizing on this opportunity with the creation of, for example, gluten-free cookies, will need to build their knowledge of and experience working with new ingredients and unique systems.

        Challenges with Creating Gluten-Free Cookie

        Baking cookies can be challenge. Even when cookies contain wheat flour (ie. gluten) there is always the potential risk of the cookies turning out dry and crumbly. It is gluten, the protein found in wheat flour that maintains the leavened structure. Yet, it is still possible to create delicious tasting, moist, gluten-free cookies even when wheat flour is not present.

        Manufacturers interested in creating gluten-free products have typically focused on using single source items such as dairy, soy, egg, pea or rice protein.  Although, these items provide the added benefit of higher protein content when compared to wheat flour, dairy, soy and egg are also considered allergens. Often single source pea and brown rice proteins on their own are not as functional as well. Functionality refers to the fact that these ingredients do not absorb water in the same way as traditional wheat flour. As a result, it may be necessary to add starches such as tapioca, corn, potato and rice or gums such as xanthan or guar, gums typically be used in the creation of cookies.  Using these items also creates the added risk of increased complexity and time during the product development stage, increased risk of error occurring during production process and a less than perceived clean label by consumers.

        Profi Bake-The Ideal Ingredient Option

        One ingredient ideally suited for helping manufacturers create gluten-free bakery items including cookies is award-winning Profi Bake. Profi Bake is a complete, high-protein plant-based composite that has been especially designed to manage water in baked goods.  Its light coloured soft powder form enables it to act like gluten-free flour but with the added nutritional benefits of dietary fiber and protein. With a PDCAAS level of 0.97 +/- 0.08, PER score 2.4 +/- 0.2, Profi Bake will, depending upon the final formulation, enable manufacturers to make fiber and protein claims as well. Profi Bake does not contain any soy, egg or dairy and in fact none of the top eight most popular allergens. Profi Bake is also Non-GMO Project verified, Kosher and Halal certified providing the quality assurance today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for.

        The perfect gluten-free cookie recipe

        Click here to access our test kitchen approved, delicious tasting Profi gluten-free ginger molasses cookie.

        Interested in bringing your gluten-free product to market faster? Contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or call us at 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com for information, samples, recipes or assistance in creating gluten-free product concepts. In addition to Profi Bake, Dealers Ingredients has a wide selection of ingredients that are suitable for use in the creation of gluten-free products including Butter Buds functional flavour ingredients, Hydrosol stabilizers and texturizers, award-winning Profi Pro and Natralein pea and brown rice proteins. Natralien pea and brown rice proteins are screened to ensure delivery of the best mouthfeel and suspension properties of single source protein powders. Dealers Ingredients is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Butter Buds and Hydrosol as well as the manufacturer of Profi and Natralein branded ingredients.



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        08 Apr 2019

        Are Cupcakes Still Popular with Canadians?

          Cupcakes, the small, tasty snack cake originally served at children’s birthday parties continue to be popular today especially amongst younger Canadian adults. In fact, according to latest information from Mintel, cupcakes were ranked as one of the top three favourite sweet baked goods most likely to be eaten by Canadian consumers aged 18-44 years.1  With its ability to evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia, cupcakes are still the affordable, indulgent, pick-me-up item consumers are willing to splurge on especially during economic challenging times.

          Will This Trend Continue Into The Future with Millennials?

          There are strong indicators that the cupcake trend will continue for some time into the future as many Canadian consumers; in particular, Millennials demonstrated a positive attitude towards not only cupcakes but baking in general. For example, unlike the lost art of “traditional cooking skills” that have been extensively written about over the past decade, many consumers aged 18-24 (over 50%), including males (43%) indicated that they enjoyed baking from scratch.1  “Despite the popularity of baking as an activity, convenience is still an important aspect of bakery as nearly two thirds of Canadians indicated they are most likely to get their baked goods from in-store bakery and store shelves”. 1  This is good news for suppliers of sweet bakery mixes targeted to either manufacturers of finished bakery items or consumers.

          Tips for Preparing and Baking Cupcakes

          Manufacturers interested in capitalizing on the ongoing popularity of cupcakes will want to keep in mind the following guidelines associated with viscosity, baking times and ingredients used when producing cupcakes.2

          Although, the composition of cupcakes is somewhat similar to traditional high-ratio layer cakes, cupcakes have a higher batter viscosity.2 Batter viscosity, which refers to the flow of liquid, is important in cupcake production as it will directly affect baking performance and final product appearance. Too much fluid batter will cause the product to have a flat top. A batter that is too thick will not only create peaks and under-baked sections in the cupcake but could create a variety of equipment challenges during manufacturing runs. A viscous batter will provide balance or what is known as the “sweet spot” resulting in the more traditional, rounder cupcake top.

          Compared to regular size layer cakes, cupcakes, with their smaller size, require shorter bake time and lower temperature.2 Higher temperatures may cause the outside to set too quickly leaving the inside under baked or may result in surface cracks forming. Lower temperatures may result in flat top cakes. It is important to balance baking time versus temperature to ensure the creation of domed top characteristic traditionally associated with cupcakes.

          Consumers’ strong interest in pursuing a healthy lifestyle is also impacting their purchase decisions of bakery items. For example, according to Mintel, sweet baked goods including cupcakes made with non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients were among the top three ingredients consumers mentioned they were most interested in purchasing.1

          Profi Bake & Butter Buds-Healthy Solutions

          Profi Bake and Butter Buds are two ingredient solutions that can help manufacturers create the healthier cupcake solutions consumers today are demanding. Profi Bake, the award-winning complete, high-protein plant-based composite (HPPC) that has been especially designed to manage water in baked goods, is also Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified. Its light-coloured soft powder form enables Profi Bake to act like gluten-free flour but with the added nutritional benefits of dietary fiber and protein. Profi Bake with PDCAAS level of 0.97 +/-0.08, PER score 2.4 +/-0.2 provides the quality assurance today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for.

          Butter Buds, non-dairy specialty flavour ingredients, exclusively distributed in Canada by Dealers Ingredients for over 23 years, can provide the rich full flavour enhancement for improving the taste and mouthfeel without the added calories of fat. Non-dairy butter and cream flavours are available in a wide variety of options including sour cream, condensed milk, buttermilk and cheddar profiles without the risk of exposure to dairy allergens.  Another popular non-dairy Butter Buds flavour is Cocoa Butter Buds. Cocoa Butter Buds can best be described as an intense, concentrated cocoa butter powder made with real cocoa fat while providing a variety of functional flavour benefits.

          Click below to access the Profi Gluten Free Protein Chocolate Cupcake with Butter Buds Vanilla Icing Recipe http://bit.ly/2UBazhr

          Interested in bringing your healthier, cupcake solution to market? Contact your Dealers Sales Consultant, or call 905 458 7766 or email at info@dealersingredients.com


          1 https://www.mintel.com/press-centre/food-and-drink/cookies-are-canadas-favourite-sweet-baked-good

          2 https://bakerpedia.com/processes/cupcakes/

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          08 Apr 2019

          Bright Future for Artisan Breads

            Bread, considered the most-important category within the baking industry, is one of the most challenging areas for building noticeable market growth. A reputation often tarnished by no or low carbohydrate diets, and a consumer focus on gluten-free products, has created a challenging environment for today’s bread manufacturers.

            Growing Interest in Artisan Bread

            The good news is that bread, and in particular “artisan” bread, is back! Consumer’s desire for hearty “artisan” bread has returned once again, in a romantic, renewed appreciation and much deeper understanding that has not been seen over the past two decades. One reason for the growing consumer attraction back to bread is its ability to give the illusion, at least for one meal, of a slower, simpler, more leisurely lifestyle.

            Is There a Definition for Artisan Breads?

            Although the term “artisan bread” is well-known, neither CFIA nor FDA have a standard of identity for “artisan” bread. This means there is no absolute definition of what ingredients and processing conditions are to be used and what the finished product characteristics should be. Instead, it is often understood to consist of high quality, simple ingredients, bread that is usually offered unpackaged (in baskets) or in unclosed paper bags and consumed immediately after baking for maximum freshness.” (Source: Bakerpedia)

            Protein? An Opportunity When Creating Artisan Bread

            With such a broad and undefined definition for the term “artisan” bread, this provides manufacturers with an opportunity to introduce new concepts to the market. For example, with consumer acceptance of increased protein as a health-enhancing choice, several Canadian bread manufacturers have explored the option of producing protein-enriched artisan-style breads.

            To create protein-enriched artisan breads, manufacturers have typically focused on adding whey, soy or pulse proteins. Although, this has resulted in an improved ingredient profile, whey and soy are known to contain allergens.

            Profi Bake- Solution for Creating High Protein Artisan Bread

            Unlike whey or soy, Profi Bake, recognized by food technology magazine as one of the new plant proteins impacting the culinary landscape today, does not contain any ingredients that fall under the top eight most popular allergens.  Profi Bake is an award-winning complete high protein plant-based composite that has been specially designed to manage water in baked goods.

            Its light-coloured soft powder form enables Profi Bake to act like gluten-free flour but with the added nutritional benefits of dietary fiber and protein. With a PDCAAS level of 0.97 +/- 0.08, PER score 2.4 +/- 0.2, Profi Bake can enable manufacturers to make fiber and protein claims on their bread products as well. Profi Bake does not contain any soy, egg or dairy and in fact none of the top eight most popular allergens. Profi Bake is also Non-GMO Project verified, Kosher and Halal certified providing the quality assurance today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for.

            With ingredients playing such an important role in the development of artisan bread, it is important to have a trustworthy ingredient supplier who has the proven expertise, knowledge and experience.

            Dealers Ingredients, with over 43 years of experience supplying ingredients to the bakery industry and the manufacturer of award-winning ingredient Profi Bake, has the expertise and knowledge to assist manufacturers looking to create high protein artisan breads.

            Looking for a market-ready Profi High Protein Artisan White Bread recipe? Click here: http://bit.ly/2ZhskSn

            Click here to access Profi High Protein Gluten-Free Bread recipe at: http://bit.ly/2TNPQTd

            Interested in learning how to create your high protein artisan bread and bring it to market faster? Contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or call us at 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com for information, samples, recipes or assistance in creating your customized high protein artisan bread concepts. In addition to Profi Bake, Dealers Ingredients has a wide selection of ingredients that are suitable for use in the creation of other bakery items including Butter Buds functional flavour ingredients, Hydrosol stabilizers and texturizers, award-winning Profi Pro and Natralein pea and brown rice proteins. Conventional and organic varieties are available on select options. Dealers Ingredients is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Butter Buds and Hydrosol as well as the manufacturer of Profi and Natralein branded ingredients.

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            28 Feb 2019

            The Functional Benefits of Using Natralein Pea Protein in Salad Dressings, Dips and Spreads

            Growing Demand for Plant-based Proteins in Prepared Foods

            With the introduction of the new Canada Food Guide and its shift away from dairy and meat, consumers are looking for more ways to incorporate plant-based proteins into their diets. Misconceptions and myths surrounding the idea that plant-based proteins are not as nutritious as animal protein are quickly disappearing. For example, pea protein, which contains protein and iron, is not only nutritious but functionally beneficial in food products. In fact, the addition of pea protein in prepared foods is helping to create a cleaner looking label for consumers.

            The Functional Properties in Food Applications

            When pea protein is added to food applications, it is important to keep in mind the two main functional properties, specifically, hydration and texturization. Hydration properties cover a variety of interactive food ingredient product development areas. For example, when a protein is added to the liquid portion of food, hydration plays a role in the following activities: water absorbency, water retention, adhesion (binding), cohesion, dispersion, solubility and emulsification. Texturization refers to the impact on the sensory profile such as taste and mouthfeel. After a protein is added to a recipe, depending upon the application, type and even the brand of protein selected, it is possible for manufacturers to realize nutritional as well as functional benefits. For example, adding Natralein pea protein with known hydration properties such as emulsification and adhesion can also assist in the elimination of less desirable ingredients in products and on product labels.

            Functional Properties of Natralein Pea Protein in Salad Dressings, Dips and Spreads

            Dealers Ingredients has used the functional properties of Natralein Pea Protein to create three different salad dressing recipe concepts; Caesar, Ranch and Blue. Natralein Pea Protein’s proven functional ability to bind fat and water enables the creation of a stable emulsion and the elimination of traditional and less desirable emulsifier ingredients such as lecithin, mono and diglycerides. The addition of Natralein Pea Protein also results in a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, a simplified ingredient declaration and an improvement in the protein level in salad dressings. Furthermore, the addition of Butter Buds can be used to create the three different cheese flavours found in the salad dressings even without the presence of actual cheese.

            Award-winning Supplier of Natralein Pea Protein

            Dealers Ingredients, winner of Business Insights Ingredient Supplier of the year 2018 – Canada award, is the exclusive supplier of Natralein pea and brown rice proteins. As the manufacturer of Profi, the award-winning complete high protein plant-based composite (HPPC) and exclusive Canadian distributor for Butter Buds, Dealers Ingredients has the expertise, knowledge and experience to help food manufacturers create functional plant-based protein foods for today’s consumers. Whether manufacturers are interested in creating a wide variety of plant-based concepts including bakery, prepared foods, nutritional bars and beverages, healthier options for meat, dairy including meat and dairy alternative based foods and salad dressings, dips and spreads, Dealers Ingredients has an extensive library of market ready recipes to help.

            Interested in receiving more information on the functional properties of plant-based Natralein pea and brown rice proteins, Butter Buds, Profi Pro, Profi Bake; product development assistance in the development of concepts; samples or recipes such as salad dressings? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or call 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com.

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            03 May 2018

            Dealers Ingredients Welcomes Hydrosol, the Food Stabilizer People!

              Dealers Ingredients Inc. is very honoured and proud to introduce for the first time to Canada the launch of Hydrosol, the Food Stabilizer People.

              Hydrosol GmbH & Co., headquartered near Hamburg, Germany, is a subsidiary of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. As a fast-growing international supplier of food stabilizers and trusted for over 30 years around the world, Hydrosol is best known for simplifying complex product challenges with customized food stabilizing and texturing systems.

              Tailor-made Stabilizer Systems

              As the developer and producer of tailor-made stabilizer systems for dairy products, ice cream and desserts, ready meals, meat, cold cuts and fish products for customers in over 50 countries, Hydrosol brings a wealth of experience, in-depth product knowledge and an on-going commitment to continuous application research. In response to the growing number of vegan, vegetarians and flexitarians, Hydrosol has also developed expertise in non-meat and non-dairy analogue products.

              With a large R&D team working in 15 specialist laboratories including an extensive applications technology library and pilot plant located at the Stern Technology Centre in Ahrensburg, Germany, customers requiring stabilizing and texturing systems will have access to high quality, flexible, innovative research capabilities.

              Service and Resource Providers of On-Trend, Unique Product Solution Ideas

              Chuck Harvey, President and CEO, Dealers Ingredients Inc. and its affiliates said:” We are very excited to be able to bring this opportunity to Canada for the first time. Hydrosol is more than just a supplier of innovative stabilizing systems. Hydrosol and Dealers Ingredients together are both service and resource providers of new, on-trend, unique product solution ideas. Hydrosol’s extensive experience in creating stabilizing and texturing systems for dairy and meat analogues combined with Dealers Ingredients in-depth knowledge and experience with plant-based proteins create a strong synergistic approach to addressing today’s food development challenges. Any company contemplating the need to address the growing emergence of the sizable vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumer base can access any one of the complete, market ready solutions or create their own customized alternative dairy, meat and deli product concept solution utilizing Hydrosol food stabilizer systems and Dealers Ingredients plant-based category expertise.”

              Interested in learning more about Hydrosol and how we can assist you with your product development opportunities? Please contact your Dealers Ingredients sales consultant or 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com

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              21 Feb 2018

              Alex Graham Robinson, current Chairman and past President passed away

                It is with great sadness that we share the news of Alex Graham Robinson, current Chairman (and past President from 1980 to 2009) of Dealers Ingredients Inc. passing away at the William Osler Health System Hospital in Brampton, Ontario on February 3, 2018.

                Alex loved golf, reading about North American history and sports of almost any kind. Alex’s favourite hockey team was the Buffalo Sabers and in his youth Alex was an accomplished baseball player and once played against Ferguson Jenkins.

                Alex wasn’t a big fan of vegetables and disliked hypocrites. I use the word “Disliked” because Alex would never have used the word ”Hated”. Alex was a good Christian and lived a life of reflection always searching for truth and the best in himself and others.

                When Alex left us for that glorious golf course in the sky he left behind his loving wife Nancy and his two sons Scott and Richard. He also left behind many friends who will miss him dearly.

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                21 Feb 2018

                Inspiring the Extraordinary-Summarizing the Top Food Trend Predictions for 2018

                  If you are like many of us within the food industry, you have probably turned to one or more of your favourite food prediction lists to help determine what the latest food trends will be for the coming year. Yet, this can still be a challenge especially since there are so many lists. Out of the 22+* food trend lists we reviewed for 2018, one thing we did notice is that many had their own, unique twist on the items listed. Despite this challenge, there were several key trends found to be common amongst the soothsayers of the industry.  Check out the summary below which includes practical tips on how to capitalize on each trend.

                  • Plant-based proteins are projected to continue to dominate into 2018 as more consumers are predicted to choose a flexitarian and vegetarian lifestyle. Although, diets are considered passé today, there continues to be a concentrated effort by consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle. Even though engineered protein-based innovations continue to draw a lot of media coverage especially in the development of alternative meat products, there are ingredient solutions available today that can expand this type of excitement beyond just the meat and dairy categories. Wondering which big category will be the next to explode? We recommend taking a closer look at vegan options of classic desserts or creating “healthy-ish treats” as the one to consider. Not sure where to begin? One way of creating market-ready high protein vegan dessert solutions is to utilize the expert knowledge of the Dealers Ingredients R&D team to incorporate award-winning Profi, a complete high protein plant-based composite (HPPC) in value-added cakes, artisan breads, cookies and so much more. As Profi is 100% vegan, halal, kosher and non gmo and gluten free, it is ideal for creating not just vegan and vegetarian desserts but value-added (ie. protein) versions.
                  • Ethnic flavours continue to expand. Several of the food trend lists we reviewed indicated at least one and sometimes several ethnic food trends mentioned. Some of the trends focused on a specific product category such as taco modifications while others focused on regional flavour trends within a specific area. The regional flavours that appear to be driving this demand are middle eastern flavours from Persian, Israeli, Moroccan, Syrian as it relates to cardamom, za’atar, shakshuka and halloumi; Asian island cuisine from Malaysia, Philippines such as sambal, kaffir lime, adobo; and East African fare such as berbere spice blend and Tanzanian BBQ. Consumers today are also demanding great tasting healthy options of these types of blends and flavours.  Butter Buds, with over 50 functional ingredients including ghee, yogurt and milk buds Asia and Peru options can help meet this demand. With new Butter Buds organic flavours and non-dairy cheddar option now available, food manufacturers today have more resources to help them create healthier traditional dish options.
                  • Snacking is changing. Not only is it “expanding into a light meal but meals themselves are taking on a snack-like appearance”. The trend of sipping on soup instead of juice could be viewed as an example of this “snack-like appearance”. Some categories such as seafood are projected to become one of the new snacks for 2018. Despite these shifts, snacking occasions are currently twice as likely to be driven by desire for a reward or indulgence rather than meal-based occasions.  Accessing outside resources such as trusted supplier partner to gain unbiased marketing and sales perspective on how best to capitalize on category market shifts is key.

                  *For a complete list of the 22+ food trend reports used to create this list, please click here.

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                  21 Feb 2018

                  Links to Various Top Food Trend Predictions for 2018

                    Below, are the links to various resources used to create Dealers Ingredients “Inspiring the Extraordinary-Summarizing the Top Food Trend Predictions February 2018 article”


                    Foodservice and Hospitality (Canada)


                    RC Show (Canada)


                    Loblaw (Canada)


                    Global News (Canada)


                    Huffington Post (Canada)


                    Chatelaine (Canada)




                    Whole Foods Market


                    Campbell’s Culinary and Baking Institute








                    Phil Lempert for Forbes




                    Food & Drink Resources


                    Andrew Freeman & Company as per Nation’s Restaurant News


                    Sterling Rice Group


                    Baum and Whiteman


                    National Restaurant Association


                    Restaurant Business with Technomic


                    Supermarket News




                    Packaged Facts




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