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Dealers Ingredients celebrates 40 years

Canadian company Dealers Ingredients is blowing out the candles on 40 years of supplying quality, natural ingredients to food manufacturers and processors across Canada. Dealers Ingredients serves all sectors of the food industry including bakery, meat, beverages, soups, sauces, snacks, and confectionary.

“With expertise in Research & Development, Marketing, Sales, and the US and Canadian Regulatory System, and a commitment to working with our customers to create improvements in product performance in the areas of quality, nutrition, label declaration and profit margins, I am proud to be part of this exciting time at Dealers Ingredients as we embrace our vision: “Creating a Healthier Tomorrow Naturally.” said Chuck Harvey, the company’s President and CEO.

In 1976, Dealers Ingredients started as a distributor of dairy products and continues to this date. Over time the company has gone through several changes. In the mid 1990’s, Dealers Ingredients expanded to become the official Canadian distributor of the Butter Buds line, a functional dairy concentrate and natural flavour alternative. Last year we celebrated Butter Buds 20th year in Canada. In 2013, Dealers Ingredients acquired the Canadian distribution rights for OneGrain, a unique salt reduction solution from AKZO NOBEL of the Netherlands.

In 2015, Dealers Ingredients evolved further to focus on the development and distribution of their own products. The start of this change occurred with the recent introduction of the PROFI™ line of products. PROFI Pro™ is vegetable based high protein composite (HPC) and PROFI Bake™ is a vegetable based HPC designed specifically for the bakery industry. Dealers Ingredients is proud to announce that we were the recipient of the 2016 DUX Ingredients and Technology award for PROFI.

After almost two years in development, PROFI, which Dealers Ingredients believes is the first complete vegetable protein containing all essential amino acids in proper proportions, is currently available in two main varieties. PROFI Bake™, gluten-free and non-GMO, makes it ideal for manufacturers to add protein and fiber to many baked products. It has been specially designed to replace wheat flour on a one-to-one basis in any baking recipe.

PROFI Pro™, can be used to add gluten-free, non-GMO plant protein but without the added fat or allergens from soy or milk or expensive meat options to small or large serving sizes. PROFI was specifically developed to have a PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, the internationally used measurement) of greater than 0.65 and PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio, the Canadian used measurement) of greater than 1.6 accounting for PROFI`s ability to supply the essential amino acid requirements of humans, corrected for digestibility. Innovation at Dealers continues with the launch in 2016 of Natralein pea protein and coming soon Natralein brown rice protein.
(Article first appeared in Bakers Journal, April 2016 issue)

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