Dealers Ingredients, trusted by Canadian food manufacturers and processors for over 40 years, provides the reliability and stability of a wide range of cost competitive, dairy product ingredient solutions and custom blend options in an ever changing marketplace.

Salted and unsalted butter blocks or prints
All forms of natural cheese
All forms of process and analog cheese products
Grated, shredded, or blocks
Cheese powders and blends
Cottage cheese
Cream cheese
Fluid and dry 10% to 72%
Whipping cream natural & artificial, fluid and powder
Sour cream fluid and powder
Non-dairy creamers & cream replacers (standard & custom)
All types of fluid & dry products
Buttermilk powder
Milk replacers and milk blends (standard & custom)
Whey powder
Whey permeate
Whey protein concentrates & isolates
Whey blends
Demineralized whey
Lactose reduce whey
Casein casinates
Milk proteins
Natural fluid bulk, yogurt powder

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