Customized Food Stabilizing & Texturizing Systems

Hydrosol for an exact fit with all your dairy, meat, salad dressings, condiments including vegan and vegetarian applications

Trusted for over 25 years around the world, Hydrosol GmbH & Co., the subsidiary of
award-winning Stern-Wywiol Gruppe from Germany is now available in Canada!

Customized synergistic stabilizing and texturing combinations based on a wide range of hydrocolloids, proteins, gums, starches and emulsifier components.

Product concept ideas generated based on understanding relevant market trends and leveraging the extensive Stern Technology Centre application resource library.

On-site technology consultation available.

Over 80 research professionals from 15 specialty product application labs dedicated to continuous application research.

Extensive knowledge of raw materials and their interactions to achieve low cost, targeted results.

Ability to run samples at Hydrosol pilot plant-trial facilities for worry-free production scale-up.lts.

Achieve authentic and consistent texture, bite and taste for all your dairy, meat, vegan and vegetarian applications

Vegan Categories

Vegan cooking cream
Vegan yogurt
Vegan sour cream
Vegan ice cream
Vegan pudding
Vegan cold cuts
Vegan sausage & ground meat
Vegan sausage casings
Vegetarian bratwursts
Vegan hotdogs
Vegan meatballs
Vegan filet strips & nuggets
Low fat mayonnaise
Vegan pizza topping
Vegan cheese slice analogue
Low fat deli cream with 24-50% and 50%
Vegetable-based cooking cream
Vegetable-based whipping cream
Coffee cream alternative

Traditional Meat, Dairy & Fish Categories

Beverage including drinkable yogurt
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Puddings & cream
Cooked sausage
Cold cuts
Cooked ham
Fresh meat
Sausage from cooked & raw meat
Fat emulsions
Preservatives for raw & pasteurized meat
Sausage products & seasonings
Injection solutions
Fish burger
Fermented fish solutions
Ripening solutions
Yield extension
Industrial ice cream
Artisan ice cream specialities
Clean label ice cream
Low fat ice cream
Spreadable processed cheese
Shredded cheese formats
Salad dressings
Fillings for food service
Fat free sauces & dressings
Starch free solutions

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