Are you creating healthier products that have taste challenges?

With the increased growth and demand by consumers for healthier products, many products today are including value added ingredients (ie. high fiber, reduced sugar, whole grain options) that are creating off notes. As companies today are looking for alternative product ingredient masking solutions that are healthier, select products within the Butter Buds® line-up can help.

Butter Buds® your perfect secret ingredient solution for improving and enhancing the flavour of all your products.

Product Specific
Masking Capabilities

  • Time of Impact

    Butter Buds Product
  • Initial impact (beginning)

    Cream Buds Asia, Cheese Buds Ex,
    Cheese Buds Parmesan Ex
  • Middle

    Dried Cream Extract, Buttermilk Buds,
    Butter Buds High Concentrate
  • Aftertaste (end)

    Cream Plus, Cream Plus Vanilla, Butter Buds Sautéed Natural, Dried Cream Extract,
    Milk Buds Peru, Milk Buds J CDN, Dried Beer Extract, CocoButter Buds

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