Plant-based Meat & Dairy Applications

Need the perfect plant-based solutions?
Amazingly similar alternatives to dairy, meat and deli foods

Key players in the burgeoning market for plant-based alternatives

Focus on the development of trend product concepts in the growth categories of plant-based alternatives to meat, sausage and fish products, dairy products, and deli foods, as well as hybrid products.

Hydrosol’s expertise in stabilising and texturing naturally benefits its new sister company – Planteneers. The technologists of both companies ensure that plant-based desserts have the desirable creamy texture and meat alternatives feature the familiar meaty bite.

Planteneers can offer customers attractive system solutions from a single source, from stabilising and texturing to flavouring and fortification.

Developing attractive solutions and making an important contribution to the fast-growing market for foods from plant-based alternatives.

Planteneers not only provides, on-site technology consultation but also, gives customers ideas for plant-based alternative products, thus delivering concepts with added value.

Working towards making plant-based alternatives ever more indistinguishable from the originals.

Plant based alternatives to meat, milk, cheese or delicatessen offered to our customers with the most familiar taste experiences and textures possible.

Emulsified products
Vegetable cold cuts, soy-based
Plant-based hot dogs
Vegetable cold cuts, soy-free

Texture-based products
Alternatives to burgers & meatballs
Plant-based nuggets

Texture-based products
Plant-based fish alternatives
Plant-based tuna

Neutral products
Alternative to milk
Alternative to barista milk
Coffee with a plant-based alternative to milk
Alternative to whipped cream

Acid products
Alternative to yogurt
Alternative to sour cream

Alternative to cream cheese
Alternative to grainy cream cheese

Alternative to Pizza cheese
Alternative to sliced cheese
Alternative to feta
Alternative to grilled cheese

Alternatives to ice cream

Alternative to mayo sauce

Plant based dressings
Alternative to dressings, 30% fat

Plant based sauces
Alternative to burger sauce, 30% fat
Alternative to Bolognese sauce

Bun brioche style, egg-free
Buns and toast, wheat-based
Gluten-free baking mix

Alternative to egg patties

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