Improve your product quality, performance and nutritional value, naturally.

Natural Ingredients

Team of Research Professionals/Food Consultants

Value Added Solutions

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Making the most of Mother Nature

All natural dairy concentrate and ingredients

Cost effective

Superior mouthfeel

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Unlock the secret for perfect texture with our full-service approach
For dairy, meat, vegan and vegetarian applications.
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PROFI™ High Protein Plant-Based Composite
Profi is a revolutionary solution for adding complete protein
containing all essential amino acids in proper proportions
and fiber to food and beverages
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Our innovation is limitless

Dealers Ingredients is a food ingredient company first and foremost! We offer the knowledge, expertise, and experience to create and deliver innovative, high quality food ingredient solutions. We distribute high quality ingredients for our supplier partners and we manufacture speciality food ingredients designed to meet the needs of the ever growing health conscious consumer market.

Different solutions to suit every need!

Whether you are buying Base Ingredients, improving your product’s value proposition or tweaking margins, trust Dealers Ingredients to deliver the perfect solution.

Customized Ingredient Solutions

Take one of Dealers Ingredients high quality and performance commodity base ingredients, blend in other ingredients and voila you have created a Customized Ingredient that adds value to your product and your operation. Let us help you create innovative, value-added products that consumers want and are willing to pay a premium for especially within price challenged categories.

Planning to launch ingredients or looking for better representation in Canada? We can help.

Joint Trial Program

Receive up to $2,500 for your plant trial program

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Our Innovation is Limitless

Winner of the 2016 DUX Ingredients and Technology Award

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